Remedies & Guide to a mom of Colicky Baby

Soothing a crying baby is the most time taking job. It requires lots of patience. In real, all babies cry. That’s the only way child communicates. Every parent wants their kids to keep smiling always. That they remains in good health always. When I delivered my baby, even I prayed for her heathy and happy life, today, tomorrow and forever.

But Grandma always says, each child is different and crying their heart out makes them strong. So whenever Mishika (my baby) starts crying for some or other reason, I stopped caring too much and let her cry for few minutes. She cries and then fell asleep by her own. Until this stage, its not to worry case. As soon as the days passed, she got into a habit I felt. On the same time daily she starts crying, become cranky and slowly it becomes louder and louder. Then I started getting worried as regular nights are getting disturbed. Each one in my family takes her on hands and roam everywhere. After sometimes, she feels okay and sleeps well. Again the next day, same schedule goes on. Its high time to check with paediatrician about her cranky nights.He told baby has developed colic. Its not a disease but it’s a combination of different behaviours occurring due to pain in stomach, may be indigestion too. Kids cannot speak so this is their way of communication that their tummy is not well. You can do few home remedies, give regular burp, do massage properly and slowly the problem will get solved.

I started doing all these things prescribed by him so that everyone in family can sleep well. Sometimes, watching her crying in pain,I also start crying as she suffers a lot.

Few home remedies which I have applied/experimented :-

  1. Tried to always be by her side when she needed me.
  2. Responding and calming her when she has reflux.
  3. Going out for a drive soothes her and she fell asleep on the way.
  4. Try to make her environment peaceful and calm.
  5. Gently rubbing her tummy.
  6. Few exercises which help her pass the gas.
  7. Burping always.
  8. Watching my own diet/food intake.
  9. Gripe water(as per elders advice)
  10. Play soothing music, swaddling her.

Last but not the least, on applying which my baby sometimes sleeps soundly is HING massage, the traditional Indian remedy. My mom suggested me to mix hing with water and make a hard sticky paste and then apply this paste on Mishika’s tummy in a clockwise direction around the navel. Then, allowing it to dry by its own. Getting up late nights when baby is colicky and making this paste always is a tedious task all the way.

And Luckily you know what I found…!!!

@MotherSparsh has launched a TUMMY ROLLON for colicky babies ad those kids who are facing this issues due to indigestion, have now a wonderful solution in their hands.

What a relief it is !!

Its 100% ayurvedic product with hing and saunf oil as the major ingredients. Those are really very safe for babies. After applying this roll on, I have experienced that it gave instant relief to babies. There are also no chemicals found which can cause skin irritation or any side effects.

So, Moms don’t you worry now, a fantastic and handy solution found for colicky babies. Grab this wonderful Infant care kit by MotherSparsh and stay relaxed.

This tummy roll on has so many benefits. It’s a Rollon, so easy to apply. It gives relief from Colic, indigestion and constipation. All the ingredients used are skin friendly and have no side effects. Hence, safe to use on baby’s skin.

Price for Tummy RollOn is just Rs. 249/-

You can buy it from Amazon here –

Ayurvedic products always attracts me as I don’t want my child to get into the hands of such medicines which has side effects. And Tummy Rollon by MotherSparsh is an Indian Ayurvedic product. Its made of different natural blend of oils such as hing oil, saunf oil, etc to treat colic and indigestion problems. It has combination of 5 oils that provides quick reliefs to stomach pains caused by gas, acidity and indigestion in children. Skin friendly and travel friendly product.

All the different oils as ingredients used have their own unique properties which helps baby fell sleep without pain. Majorly Hing oil has the antibacterial property which helps to reduce acid reflux and constipation. Saunf oil also helps the anti colic properties which helps reduce gas and stomach bloating.

MotherSparsh Rollon is free from chemicals, preservatives and traditionally manufactured so as to provide maximum benefits to children.

Main ingredients used are Hing oil, Pudina oil, Saunf Oil, Sonth oil and Sova oil.

Directions to use – Simply apply it directly on Stomach around the navel area.

Directions to use – Simply apply it directly on Stomach around the navel area.

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Does using baby wipes a matter of concern?

I will say “YES”.

In previous days, people uses warm cloth and dab to the dirty areas of babies and clean it. But, these days baby wipes are must. As they are much handy and an ideal travel partner. Baby wipes can be used for more than just cleaning baby bums. We personally prefer to take baby wipes with us everywhere we go. They are really great for wiping your hands, mouth or cleaning anything. There are lots of uses of baby wipes. I am mostly and majorly concerned about the ingredients used, while searching and buying wipes, as they have side effects depending on various skin types of babies. Sometimes they can cause irritation and allergy. We all know that baby’s skin is super sensitive and delicate. I asked my pediatrician whether to use baby wipes or not..??? And they suggested me to use wipes until or unless your baby’s skin rejects it. There are few ingredients which can be found culprit of showing allergies.

Now, I am in dilemma…!!!

Which baby wipes should I opt?

After so much of investigation as a super mom of a cute baby, I made a list of top 5 best baby wipes in the market.

Top 5 sensitive Baby wipes for newborn baby in India

  • Mother Sparsh baby wipes – I found Mother Sparsh as the best baby wipes brand after looking at the ingredients. These water wipes are perfect for my baby’s super soft and delicate skin. They are 100% biodegradable, environment friendly wipes. Dermatologic ally tested. These are unscented water wipes which has 99% pure water content. They are so soft to use. I prefer to use wipes with least chemicals and Mother Sparsh baby wipes are the best I found than any other brands available in the market. No skin irritation observed. They are hypoallergenic and we used them like crazy. The earlier you go for this, the better…!!
Mother Sparsh.jpg
  • Chicco baby wipes – One of my friend suggested Chicco, as they are soft cleansing baby wipes. They are free from parabens, soaps. No irritation is observed after using Chicco wipes. The one thing I didn’t like about this wipes is its fragrance. The Chicco wipes has ingredients like Aloe Vera and Chamomile; which are useful for skin. Its sticker sealed and the pack has around 72 wipes. The thing I liked about wipes is they are soft in texture. So you can try it on face and hands also. The texture of wipes is thick. No soapy effects.
  • Huggies baby wipes – These are nourishing and clean baby wipes which has aloe and cucumber as their ingredients. Huggies baby wipes have the technology which provides perfect combination of softness, thickness and absorbency. That’s the triple clean technology. They are also safe and gentle for baby’s skin, which gives cleaner and healthier skin results. Baby wipes are clinically tested, paraben free and are really safe to use. Smell is also mild. The problem I found in this wipes compared to other is, it dry out too fast.
  • Pigeon baby wipes – Pigeon wipes are made up of water and soft fabric. They are safe to use. They are dermatologic ally tested to check and make t sure that they are free from all kinds of bacteria. These are great for super sensitive skin. Few of the times I have observed that after using pigeon wipes, my baby’s skin became rough and dark. Sometimes after buying, there’s no moisture and they are dry. They are so thin in texture as compared to other baby wipes.
  • Johnson’s baby wipes – These wipes are soft and made with ultra fine fabric. They are alcohol free and totally safe. They are mild on skin as pure water and good for your baby’s delicate skin. They are somewhat strong in fragrance as compared to other wipes and my kid doesn’t like the strong smell. Red bumps are also observed sometimes after wiping the skin.

Concluding here with my personal experience … We religiously use Mother Sparsh baby wipes and they are the best of all…!!! BUY NOW









Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes

The time when I think to use wipes, my main focus to consider is whether the ingredients used are gentle for my baby’s skin or not !!

I don’t know about any other wipes as Mother Sparsh are the only wipes I have usesince my baby was born. Now they have launched their premium variant of wipes with super thick fabric and medical-grade cloth.

That’s MOTHER SPARSH…. 99% unscented water wipes !!!

As a couple, we mostly love to travel and our job is also forcing us to travel a lot. Travelling with baby means you have to take care of so many stuffs. One of them is Wipes. Using baby wipes on the move makes each task so quick and easy. Baby wipes can be used for many other things rather than just cleaning baby bottoms. These wipes are so useful at home or on the go. These wipes contains the goodness which takes best care of my little one’s soft and delicate skin. Thats the main reason why I love these wipes, because these wipes takes better care of my baby. Wipes are my best travel companions. Many wipes contains harsh ingredients which results in rashes or allergic reactions for babies. These wipes are really different from other wipes or the old water wipes and are the premium version, a totally new variant, i can say…!! These wipes are developed under experts supervision and it contains all the quality ingredients which are so gentle for my baby’s soft and delicate skin. It don’t cause allergy or irritation.

The packaging is super cool. Presence of 99% pure water and natural plant fabric makes mother sparsh baby wipes as good as cotton and water. It is having moisture lock lid, which keeps the moisture intact so even if I forget the pack outside of my shelf, my little one wont be able to pull the wipes off easily. 

While I compare Mothersparsh wipes with other wipes in market, I have found that other wipes are not at all gentle and causes irritation and red patches on baby’s skin. Many of the wipes cannot be used for face. Packaging is not taken into account. Few of them have strong fragrance which is generally not liked by kids. Mainly those are not so wet as needed.

Few points why these improved version of Mothersparsh 99% unscented water wipes are my favourite and got a special place in my handbag :-

They are suitable for hand and face cleaning.

They are Unscented/ fragrance free baby water wipes.

Safe for even the sensitive skin.

Medical grade cloth, this makes it gentle to use for the sensitive parts of the body.

99% water wipes.

Moisture lock lid (Plastic lid)

Extra thick fabric which is 3 times thicker than the ordinary ones.

Plant made derived from plant pulp.

100% biodegradable wipes / Eco friendly wipes.

It costs only 299/- with 72 pcs of baby wipes.

Mother Sparsh, India’s first wipes brand, has launched these premium water based baby wipes featuring Medical Grade Cloth.

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Love it, Wear it, Rock it !!

Dressing well is a form of good manners. Always dress like, its the best day of your life.

Cloth iron is an essential device at home. Most of us are very much known to that traditional Iron. I remembered my grandma and mom carrying that metal surfaced iron which is heated and then pressed on clothes to remove wrinkles. So if we want to remove wrinkles from jackets or jeans, we have to sprinkle drops of water every now and then. What a clumsy and time consuming task it was…!! Thats not at all convenient and safe. Each week there were loads of clothes to get pressed. It really takes time and costs money too. This idea of removing wrinkles is not at all affordable.

Read more about the product – Pristine Steam Grean Iron from Maharaja Whiteline

So I am here today to help you all with a great option. Yeah, You read it right!! and that will make your life much easier and faster. We generally iron our clothes to get out those wrinkles. And the best solution here is Steam iron. In steam irons, you have to fill some water in the given water tank fitted in the iron. and because of this it will give a shot of steam at regular intervals while ironing, which results in best ironing of your clothes removing wrinkles. It is best for all clothes as you can use it as a dry iron or a steam iron. Though you need to take precautions. Its a real quick and effective too.

The easy and best solution for me and my family is Steam Press Iron. In my family everyone is working and no one have that much time to press the clothes for longer time. So, to all those who are reading this post , my friends and family….Switch yourself to Steam Irons.

While searching, Just came across Pristine Green Steam Iron, what a wonderful invention.

While buying steam iron what i checked are the basic features…

  • Powerful – 1300 watt powerful steam iron flattens any damn creases with less efforts.
  • High Steam Rate – It offers 0-13 gm/min steam rate to remove wrinkles from clothes.
  • Tank Capacity – Its of 150ml. Because of this you can do enough of ironing of clothes in one go without hassles to refilling it again n again.
  • Light weight.
  • Stream Shot – Active 40 gm/min stream shot provides an added ease to iron cotton and other heavy fabric clothes.
  • Great performance with elegant design and colours. It provides continuous steam output.
  • Self clean function
  • Soleplate Nonstick coating which will minimize sticking while ironing clothes. They are good as the covers are very easy to maintain and clean by applying little cleaning efforts.
  • It has swivel cord and ergonomic handle which makes it more convenient to use.
  • They do not cause stains to your clothes while ironing.
  • Even distribution of heat.
  • Highly durable.
  • Vertical steam output feature is the one i liked the most. because i can easily iron hanging clothes and curtains.
  • Adjustable temperature control knob , which controls the temperature as per the need of clothes.
  • ISL certified hence safe to use in our home.
  • Product warranty is 2 years.

Its an efficient ironing machine that removes creases from my husbands jeans, my jacket and my lil ones school uniform. A grand relief for me 🙂 and such a life changer.

Enjoy your ironing time !!!