Pain in teeth / Tooth ache

22nd May 2018 By nehalroy

Home Remedies – Pain in Teeth / Tooth ache

Tooth problems are the most common problems of the world. Major issues are tooth decay and cavities which are increasing in all age groups. Few factors are poor oral hygiene, not brushing the teeth twice, having regular alcohols. Severe tooth aches need to get treated else it will be a major problem in future like black or brown infected teeth, white stains, infection, tooth loss, etc.

Here are few home remedies which might be helpful :-

Asafoetida – Boil water and add asafoetida. Gargle with the same for sometime and check your pain must have gone.

 Lemon juice – Mix oil, lemon juice and salt. Rub this mixture on teeth.

Salt – Add salt in warm water and do gargle for few minutes. Do this remedy after every 4 hours. A superb mouthwash too.

Coffee – Add Coffee powder in water and boil for sometime, now do gargle with the same mixture. Your pain will get minimised.

Clove – Take a cotton ball and add few drops of clove oil. keep it on the aching part of your teeth.

Peppermint leaves – Make a mixture of dry peppermint leaves in water and boil it. Its your wish to gargle or drink. Acts fantastic for tooth ache.

Turmeric – Have some turmeric powder, apply it on the affected teeth.  Gargle after few min for good results. 

Garlic – Rub garlic oil on the affected tooth.