Nipah Virus Infection – A deadly disease

5th June 2018 By nehalroy

Rare Virus – Nipah

Nipah Virus, also called NiV is an infection which can cause several diseases to human as well as animals. A deadly viral disease spread by bats is once again infecting humans. This particular virus is spreaded by fruit bats which also causes flu like symptoms and it can cause brain damage too.

Symptoms observed

  •  fever
  • headache
  • cough
  • migrane
  • vomiting
  • breathing problems etc.

The situation may worse and the person can go to coma. It is an infectious disease which can spread through direct contacts.

Preventive measures may include avoiding exposure to bats and pigs, also not drinking raw date palm sap. Till now (2018) there is no such vaccine or specific treatment available. Hence, prevention of NiV infection is very much important. The treatment is limited to supportive care unit which also takes long time and that too no surety of life.  Nipah gets spreaded  mainly due to respiratory droplets, also sick patients secretes more virus.

Prevention –

  • One should not consume Date palm sap as that may be contaminated.
  • Fruit bats are likely to visit date palm trees and lick the sap.
  • Don’t climb trees, if you find bats are there, because they may leave their saliva or secretes there.
  • Domestic animals can also be a carrier of virus as they may eat partially eaten fruits which may be consumed by bats. Better to keep them indoors and feed yourself. If there are any chances of them being infected, you have to make sure you keep enough distance from them and get them treated as soon as possible.
  • Avoid close, physical contact if the other people nearby are infectious. 
  • Wash your hands regularly and keep yourself hygienic.
  • Wash and peel fruits before consuming them.
  • Avoid having partly eaten fruits and unpasteurised fruit juices.
  • Cover your household properly.
  • Use nose mask, prevent inhaling virus.

The virus is been reported mainly in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh and India. 

Protect yourself from Nipah and Stay safe…!!

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