mumum snacks for Kids

28th May 2018 By nehalroy

Best Snack for my Kid, a healthier option

Hey friends…See what I got here…Best solution and the healthy snacks delight is here!!



True, Thats !!! It has the most healthiest and wholesome snacks for everyday. I feel so relaxed now. Bcoz those have become best friends and food partners for my kiddie now. She always makes sure that my bag has enough of Mumum snacks and that too of all different flavours while travelling. So many flavours makes it more yummy for every kid who don’t want to eat fruits, as they have many flavours in the form of Super Sprinklies (Bundled with Vitamins and nutrients – roasted, puffed and flavoured with very real fruits), Mighty Melties (The yummiest fruits are blended and freeze dried) and Cool Crunchies (super grains are heated, puffed, roasted, but not fried, and then flavoured with very real fruits).

100 % Fruits + Veggies + Grains 🙂

Pure and Wholesome snacks for Every day with – No Preservatives, No added Sugar,No Artificial flavours, No Concentrates, No Wheat

Flavours are :-

SPRINKLIES (Natural Roasted Multigrain Puffs)

  • Rice + Barley (With Real Apple)
  • Rice + Barley (With Banana & Strawberry)

MELTIES (Natural Freeze Dried Fruit)

  • Mango + Banana
  • Strawberry + Banana

CRUCNCHIES ( Natural Roasted Super Grain Puffs)

  • Corn + Jowar + Ragi (with Real Banana & Strawberry)
  • Corn + Jowar + Ragi (with Real BeetRoot)

For this specific packaged food, Always a big YES to my kid 🙂

You can buy the same for your kids too, from