Pamper your Hairs and Flaunt like a queen

20th May 2021 By nehalroy

Hairs plays a major role. Its just like a crown which you never take off. I was always advised by elders that Invest in your hairs.

Does your hairs really matters a lot to you?

Did you know regular hair oiling is recommended ?

You need to manage your hairs with good hair oil at least twice a week, if you wanna improve your hair quality and promote hair growth. Just 10 min from your routine life can save your hairs. A regular head massage is an easy way for longer, shinier and healthy hairs.

As nowadays, we are facing lots of issues like increase in pollution level, diet change, water quality, stress and use of incorrect products, hairs are suffering a lot. This in turn increases hair fall, split ends, frizziness etc.

So, it becomes important that we look out for a product which suits your hair and is also effective in solving your hair issues.

One of the major problem mostly everyone is facing is hair growth.

Recently while searching over the internet, I have found one amazing brand for Hair oils and Serum and would love to share my review on the same.


Deyga – the world of gentle, natural and ethical love.

Deyga believes in the products which are handcrafted with love, 100% pure, cruelty free, sustainable and the products with a traditional touch. The Deyga family is a group of diverse individuals united by their love for natural and ethical personal care practices .

All the products are pure, natural and handcrafted, free from parabens and other harmful chemicals.


Deyga – Hair Growth Oil

Applying Deyga hair growth oil promotes growth of your hairs. It also softens and detangles hairs. Major hair benefits I have observed is it helped me in reducing frizziness and breakage. Finally your hairs will be more smoother and shinier. What else is needed then ?

My worries of hairball issue gets solved. The fragrance is divine and it works wonders.

Let me tell you the method to apply :-

Open the bottle cap and fix the hair root applicator.

Directly apply the oil to your scalp.

Massage your scalp.

Let it rest for half an hour or over night.

Rinse using your favourite shampoo.

Note :- Massaging your scalp will improve and boost blood circulation.


Deyga – Hair Serum

This is an amazing hair care duo where serum comes along with hair growth oil. This is a liquid gold serum which is blended with pure 100% organic organ oil and many other essential oils. It promotes new and healthy hair growth. 

Benefits I have observed are the dryness of my hairs is reduced. It also soothes irritation.

Method of application :-

Take few drops of serum in the filler.

Apply it to your scalp.

Gently massage your scalp so that it will help the serum penetrate evenly.

Listing the benefits of the ingredients here :-

  1. Coconut oil –

Boosts hair growth and repairs damaged hairs. Removes dandruff. Treats scalp problems.

2. Castor oil –

Helps treats baldness. Thickens hairs. Repair Split ends. Controls hair loss.

3. Grape-seed oil –

Fights dry and frizzy hairs. Improves hair growth.

Promotes new hair growth. increases hair length.

4. Almond oil – It adds moisture and Vit E and acts as a career oil for essential oils.

It may reduce the symptoms of dandruff.

5. Hibiscus – Boosts hair growth and make them strong and shiny. Promotes healthy hair growth. Helps with dandruff and soothes irritated scalp too. Improves scalp and hair condition.

6 – Fenugreek – Stops hair fall. Fights dandruff. Promotes hair growth. Adds shine to hairs. Prevents premature hair greying.

7. Triphala – Great for hairs as it strengthens hair colour and roots.

8. Curry leaves – Promotes speedy hair growth. Controls hair loss. Repairs damaged hairs and prevents dandruff.

So Deyga hair products are made out of so many useful ingredients with great benefits.

My choice is Deyga, How about you?

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Deyga Combo – Hair Growth Oil & Hair Serum