My Dad-My SuperHero

15th June 2018 By nehalroy

My Dad, My SuperHero !!!

Word Dad comes with so many responsibilities…What say Dads ??? because i agree with this point…!!! A great dad makes so many memories.

My dad is a pillar, support and strength of my family. It is very difficult to be a Dad, rather a super dad who is really responsible. He leads by setting a good example. My dad is very supportive and loyal. He always spent quality time with us playing s many indoor games and makes sure all of us should learn while playing. My dad better knows how to have fun in between with all of us. He also takes us out for playing games in park, watching movies, attending different competitions etc … He makes sure that his kids should not lag behind in whatever the activity is. Sometimes, while playing games he challenges us to  be the best which helps us to show our best and that helps us grow fast. He always teach us great lessons of life. The best part of my dad is he protects our family at all costs. He works extra hours to make sure we can get good education and enough of all things that are needed. He did lots of personal sacrifices too. A great Super dad is like a Super Hero who loves his children unconditionally.

We all inherit something or the other from our parents. I feel proud in the qualities he admired in me, might be inherited. My father not only provide us with all the materialistic happiness, he also makes sure that he set a good example for us by his deeds.

Dads are as strong as mountains, as calm as sea.

Generous by nature, the depth which a family needs.

A comforting hand.

A legend. 🙂

My dad is my superhero…!!


He always says, Don’t compare yourself with others, Be the best version of yourself. Enjoy and live a healthy life with honesty, love and understanding. Have forgiving nature. Love all…!!! This satisfactory nature of yours will take away all your worries and lets you live a happy life.

My dad, My Superhero…!!! I really admire him. Fathers generally see their mothers/sisters in their daughter, used to tell secrets only to them. For me and all those girls, Father Daughter relationships do matters a lot. Thats a special bond we share. What say Girls…?? Also blessed is that man, whose lucky enough to hear the sweet voice of his girl child calling him Dad 🙂

I too have a daughter and now i can relate how the dad really loves her daughter and how special a daughter is for any dad..they have the special place in dads heart…

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