How important is Power nap

4th January 2021 By nehalroy

How much you sleep? Have you ever noticed your sleeping patterns? 

If you sleep more than 8 hours or less than 6 hours, then its totally a wrong routine you might be following. This will result in many health related problems. Now,  there are few people who sleep less than 8-9 hours, then they feel sleepy at day time. Then arise the need of Power nap.

Power nap is a shortcut, we generally take when we don’t want to sleep for long hours. Its basically a short sleep. Power naps are majorly taken in the mid of afternoon. The people who struggle to fall asleep at night or  have insomnia should not take power naps because it may lead to poor night time sleep. Power nap can be limited to 10-20 min. If taken this much, you feel more refreshed and alert. If taken more than this, you may feel more tired or groggy.

Power naps are taken to make yourself bit relaxed and refresh up that in turn drift off your thoughts, more efficiency and its much needed for better health.

Sleep cycle has different stages which includes light sleep, deep sleep and rapid eye movement sleep (REM).

The national sleep foundation says that 20 mins is an ideal nap length .

Not everyone needs nap. If you want to enjoy your power nap, I would suggest to create a perfect nap zone first, the room should be dark/dim lighted, cool and quiet. You may also wear sleep mask, if comfortable. Turn off your phone. Its also needed to set an alarm so that it meant a proper nap and not more than that.

Taking a great nap time, is the panacea for many health problems. It allows you to reset your mind, relax your body and take time out and get back ready to work.

For me personally, napping has helped me produce a higher quality of work and then i do my work with bang on performance.

Sometimes, you can just close your eyes, even if you don’t want to sleep/nap. What matters is to relax yourself, not to sleep.

Try to flush out all your thoughts from mind, make it blank, then you can have a better rest. Otherwise, nap time will go on with multiple thoughts around planning and arranging things. 

Don’t Disturb

Try it out, and check if its making some difference to your energy levels and your state of mind.

Experts told that power nap prevents suffering from many diseases like heart attack, migraine, BP and stress. Currently, there happened a research from American Space Agency NASA and they said that POWER NAP INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY.

There is ax science behind taking 6 hours of sleep. When we sleep at night, we have to complete 4 cycles. 1 sleep cycle is of 90 min. Therefore, for completing 4 sleep cycles, we need to take 6 hours of sleep.

Power nap increases memory power. It boosts immunity. When our body is in rest mode during power nap, then its observed that more immune cells are developed.

Few Benefits

  • Quick memory boost
  • More patience
  • Improve performance
  • Improves memory recall
  • More alertness and better mood
  • More productive
  • Better reaction time
  • Less stress
  • More efficiency
  • Better health

Take a few deep breathes and close our eyes. Let your mind slow and your body power down. You can also play some soft music (soothing). Let your mind and body rest. Take a healthy Power nap and enjoy!!

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