Fashion Game On with Feather Fabrics

20th June 2019 By nehalroy

With fusion fashion in style feather fabric is highly used in designer dresses. Pampering gorgeous
ethnic wear is adorned feather with add up the fashion quotient. Various types of bird’s feather is
dyed and tied in a knot to groom the look. Not just apparel, accessories, home furnishing and lot
more are made from exclusive feather fabric. Being a symbol of indulgence its price range comes in
higher range. Let’s dissect more in details.
Making of feather fabric
Swing feather fabric is very easy. You may take original ostrich feather or peacock feather or any sort
of bird feather and then dye it in to your desired colour. Now how a cozy hard base fabric you can
stich fabric with run stich or with glue. To give make 3D feather fabric designs you have to dye it in a
multicolour or bicolour pattern and then in very dense and fastened way stitch feathers throughout
the fabric. This type of 3D feather fabrics are used in designer attire majorly or any designer
accessories or footwear.
Layouts of feather made efficacy
Feather made attires are in super trend now. In Lakme Fashion Week, Manish Malhotra had put a
new dimension to its efficacy by portraying a feather made dress through his show stopper Malika
Khan. She was adorned with full feather made accessories.
Hand bands, hair bands, bags, shoes and he furnishings are broadly made with feathers to cast the
look. Cushion covers, table mat, car covers and lot more of feather fabric made accessories has
taken the market turnover.
The fluffy look in combination of your base material gives a total granderous makeover. For casting
the edgy flamboyance feathers are attached on just shoulder part only to feature the aves like free

How to wash
Washing leather fabric is the first concern that comes as connoisseurs’ first concern. Being the most
pampering layout it fetches special care also. Laundry wash or dry wash is must for feather fabric. It
always needs a special care. As feathers are super light and are not strongly fastened so chances are
there of periling out.
Availability of feather fabric
Tissura is one of the leading producers of feather fabric. It has more than 50 varieties of feather
fabric. Available base material are silk, cotton, muslin, jacquard, velvet and lot more. Again varied
types of feather fabric are available here. Peacock feather, ostrich feather, birds feather in 3d,
multicolour and mono-colour variations. In winter based countries this types of fabric is highly used
to beat the cold. Hence western dresses mostly use such fabric. Tissura is one of the leading
suppliers of high quality feather fabric to European and other countries. You can check the
maximum number of varieties in this kind only at Tissura. It also provides the best competent price
range of any fabric across the industry. It has a huge turnover through national and international
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