Easy ways to keep kids entertained at Home

2nd June 2022 By nehalroy

Post Covid, there is a strong need felt to keep everyone engaged and engrossed at home. This is specially more applicable for kids. Kids have been the most affected of all. They have lost almost two years of personal interaction, teamwork and last but not the least the entertainment on the daily basis by being physically present in the situation.

We ourselves used to play lots of games during our childhood like Chess, Ludo, Snakes and Ladders,Carrom Board. It is amazing to see the transformation of many of these games to their online versions.Not only do kids get to interact with the high level of competition but also, they get a time restriction which instills a strong killer instinct in them. I really like Chess.com. My kids are very fond of Bullet Force and Hungry Shark Evolution as well. They play many other games also.

Owing to Covid, many a times situations arise to get locked in home and we as parents should be equipped all the time to ensure kids don’t lose their zest and zeal. Moms have been facing a lot of challenges these days on how to keep kids motivated, engaged, and entertained. While you cannot totally cut their video game screen time but surely you can restrict it in a disciplined way while ensuring they learn something in the process.

I allow kids to do a video game screen time for 15 minutes every day when they get bored of studies and physical offline games. One of my friends introduced me to Plays.org. I found it to be a very good site as it contains a plethora of games that are not only entertaining but also tickling the creativity of kids. I really like Addition Alien. I loved it as it involves addition in short duration. It challenges the mental ability of kids on a fast pace. So, it keeps them on their toes all the time for quick thinking. My little one was glued to it once he started the game.

Kids liked Danger Mouse Full Speed Extreme Turbo Cartoon Driving Game. I liked them playing as they get into the competitive spirit. Not only do they get the feel-good factor but also, they accumulate the skills of hand, eyes and mind coordination. I was happy to see my little one getting on the learning curve for the game so quickly and getting thrilled on winning.

There are many categories of games Plays.org to tickle and augment the kids learning in subjects likeMath, Science, English, General Knowledge, History and many others. There are games for all ages.Sometimes even I start playing. You too can play with your spouses. Grandparents can play games on the site. It is amazing to see grandparents forming teams with their Grand Children and enjoying as a family.

These days many more advanced games like Cleudo, Scotland Yard, Life, Monopoly, Think a Link and many card games like Pokemon cards are available in the market and one can order online as well.

So parents, get ready with your tools and weapons of the games pool so as to keep the fight of entertaining kids at home on.