5 safety features of TikTok you probably didn’t know about

31st March 2020 By nehalroy

TikTok is a platform that in the past one year of its growth in India, has encouraged creativity and spread joy amongst its community. With a growing community of over 200 million users in India, TikTok continues to stay committed to the online safety of its users. The TikTok community, too, is not far behind in posting videos that promote online safety, showcasing that the exercise is a combined collaboration.

As you continue your TikTok journey, you also need to remember some of the lesser known features that will only enhance the safety of not just you, but also your loved ones.

Screen Time Management

TikTok introduced a digital wellbeing feature that combines screen time management and restricted mode that allows parents to set up a password when they turn on the Screen Time Management and restricted mode on their teenager’s phone. Users can now restrict their use of the platform of up to 120 mins per day and without the password, you cannot unlock the mode. 

Restricted Mode

Other TikTok features include a risk warning tag and a restricted mode tag. While the risk warning tag is a warning issued for videos containing potentially dangerous and adventurous activity, the restricted mode feature is an optional account setting that limits the content that may not be appropriate for younger users. The feature is activated via a password, which will be valid for 30 days.

Comment Filter

To better empower you, TikTok also lets you manage comments on the app by filtering words they deem undesirable. Users will be able to choose up to 30 keywords and modify them as they wish, in Hindi and English, which will be filtered out automatically.

Immediately deleting objectionable content

As one of the most watched technology companies in the world right now, TikTok is continuously enhancing existing safety measures, harnessing innovation when it comes to content moderation. With the help of machine learning algorithms, videos can be screened as they are posted, with objectionable content removed even before a user reports it, in some instances. This technology is coupled with a dedicated and growing team, made up of hundreds of human moderators, supporting Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati and more, to manually cross-review tens of thousands of videos and accounts on TikTok.

Device Management Feature

A few months ago, TikTok also launched the Device Management feature. Using this feature, TikTok users will be able to end sessions or remove their accounts from other devices from within the TikTok app to better manage their safety of their account. This feature will help avoid the misuse of user accounts. TikTok constantly promotes a safe and positive app experience for its over users in India by offering them in-app tools and educational content to equip them with all the information they need to have the best possible experience while showcasing their creativity. The new feature further empowers them to manage their online presence in a wise and safe way and choose the sessions they want to end.

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