5 Temple Designs for Ganesh Chathurthi

31st August 2019 By nehalroy

Setting the Spirits of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya!’ High

‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ – The chant that fills millions of people with the intense excitement, immense love and immutable belief for a festival that binds every Indian together, ‘Ganesh Chathurthi’.

Colourful beautiful idols of Ganesha, the loud sound of ‘dhol’ and the endless messages of ‘Ganesh Chaturthi Chya Hardik Subhecha’, – we Indians believe in ‘Go grand or Go home’ when it comes to celebrating this exhilarating festival.

Are you ready for this 9 days massive celebration?

If you are all set to bring Lord Ganesha into your abode, then it is the right time to indulge in the exhilarating festival with a beautiful home temple.

A perfect home temple will provide a beautiful home to your Lord Ganesha and also keep all the pooja essentials.

Whether a shelf design, drawer style or a wall-mounted design, there are many ways in which you can create a special zone in the abode exclusively for worship.

Lokendra Ranawat, Founder & CEO, WoodenStreet list all-comprehensive list of gorgeous, ‘pure and simple’ designs available online for your home.

1. Free-standing wooden temple with doors and shelves:

Say your prayers while seating comfortably! With the elegant lattice or traditional pattern carving on the door opening up to a simple shelving structure for the idols to be properly placed, this temple magnificently flaunts beauteous designing with thoughtful features.

Raised above the ground with the low-heightened stool with an extra drawer and a plate to keep the incense stick stand or an earthen lamp. It will offer you enough space to make delightful modak offering to your Lord Ganesha perfectly.

Link – https://www.woodenstreet.com/bhagavati-home-temple-honey-finish

2. Surface-mounted home temple with ample storage drawers:

Bid adieu to storage woes! Go for this home temple design if you don’t wish to get up in the middle of the Ganpati’s aarti to get extra camphor from the kitchen.

This design includes ample storage drawers which are spacious enough to store everything to anything related to pooja essentials.

The gracefully styled, lattice-carved doors crowned with the tower-like structure on the top of the entire structure, gives a mini-mandir version for your abode.

This Ganesh Chaturthi, let your Ganesha enjoy all the sweet modak dishes and relaxing time, while you praise him inside this home mandir.

Link – https://www.woodenstreet.com/maurya-home-temple-teak-finish

3. Traditional Wall-mounted Home Temple:

Wrapped in the absolute gorgeousness of the beguiling Indian culture with a twist of urban needs, this design is best-suited if floor space is ‘special’ for you.

Affixed on the wall to leave the floor space for either decoration purpose or other purposes, this design will serve the best for the urban apartments.

Still finding the best part? Well, it comes with drawers to keep all the curios inside it systematically and a sleek surface to keep the incense stick stand and offerings to God. And, for a Ganesh Chaturthi festive appeal opt for a design with carved design or a tower-like structure with intertwined motif enlightening the overall charm.

Link – https://www.woodenstreet.com/valdim-home-temple-teak-finish

4. Eclectic Wall-mounted Home Temple:

The best of both worlds – Contemporary and Traditional! Carving a niche in the best designs of the mandir, this has a sleek, stylish appeal mingled seamlessly with sophisticated carvings.

The designs with sleek table-top with a backdrop of a gorgeously carved wooden panel, are the ones which will add a wow-factor to your home interiors this Ganesh Chaturthi.

Link – https://www.woodenstreet.com/advait-home-temple-teak-finish

5. Colourful wooden home temples:

Lively colours, capacious drawers, and a divine charisma, all in one package! Add greens and saffron to your home this Ganesh Chaturthi, this will attract positivity and prosperity to your abode.

Go for the ones with golden emboss paintwork and glittering gold-painted tower-like structure on the top, this will make the interiors look even more unique and timeless. Link – https://www.woodenstreet.com/vrindavan-home-temple-color-finish

Let’s gift Lord Ganesha, a fancy home for himself this Ganesh Chaturthi. While you witness the vivid celebration in Maharashtra, make sure to introduce the same holiness into your abode by getting an exemplary home temple.

Explore the trendy, timeless and alluring designs of Wooden home temple mentioned above.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi -Ganpati Bappa Morya!