Best hair fall control oil and My Hair Care with KeshKing !!!

24th November 2020 By nehalroy

Best hair fall control oil and My Hair Care with KeshKing !!!

A protein filament which grows from follicles found in the dermis is called hair. The part beneath the skin is call hair follicle. Research has shown that majority of interest in hair is focused on hair types, hair growth , hair care, hair care products, hair accessories, hair styles etc. Also, hair is a very important biomaterial primarily composed of protein (alpha-keratin). It mainly indicates social position such as their age, sex or religion and also indicates persons personal beliefs. Hairs follows a specific growth cycle . Hair exists in a variety of textures. Few main aspects of hair textures are the curl patterns, volume and consistency.

Hair care routine plays a very important role to maintain aa good, healthy social lifestyle. Good hairs makes me feel like I can rules the world. It brings self confidence. Sometimes, its okay if you are little obsessed with your hairs.

To follow a great routine for maintaining a hair care thing is a tedious task when you have many other tasks to finish. But if my hairs looks perfect ,i can just deal with any damn thing coming to me. Utmost care needs to be taken for flaunting with good hairs.

Many products are there in the market for hairs. Few of them are hair oils, shampoo, conditioner, serum, etc . Main thing is to follow a routine and check whats the best product that actually suits your hairs.

We come across many hair problems these days due to the changes in atmosphere, eating habits, pollution, stressful life, water quality, etc, which really affects hairs a lot.

We are too much worried about losing hairs. But today i came with the very best solution to all your hair problems.  Mainly hair consists of 2 parts – The hair follicle and the hair shaft.

Do you wanna know how you can keep your hairs look awesome, healthy and a with a good volume ?

“Take good Care of your precious hair”.

We trust the hair oils which has Ayurvedic and medicinal properties , because it prevents premature greying, dandruff, hairball, split tends, hair loss etc.

Tips for long hair – Big long hairs is a symbol of femininity , social status, good heath and wealth.

  • Eat right
  • Sleep right
  • Nourish your hairs with good hair oil.
  • Apply shampoo and conditioner for proper nourishment.
  • Avoid washing your hairs everyday.
  • Try cold showers.
  • Use the right hair brush.
  • Groom long hairs properly.

Personal experience

I get very much disturbed if my hairs has problems. After my pregnancy ,i was suffering from a great hair loss. I love my hairs a lot and same is the case with my family. All of them love big long hairs. I can do anything to maintain the volume and health of my hairs. I have started trying many hair care products like oil, mask, shampoo, etc but didn’t got any good results. I cut down my hairs to the half of what i was having previously. I started using each single products launched in the market which stated good hairs as the result. Not to name one, but tried almost majority of them.

Good hairs increases my self confidence and boosts my personality.

I then came to know about Kesh King hair care products.


An Ayurvedic medicinal hair oil is the best ever hair oil i found in the market. Massaging my hairs with Kesh King hair oil started giving me the best results. Hair oil needs to seep into the follicle of the hairs so as to get proper nourishment. I generally prefer to apply Kesh king hair oil at bedtime in night or before bathing to get relief from other hair issues. Boosting of hair growth is observed as soon as I started applying hair oil by Kesh king. This is the best Anti hair-fall oil.

The main thing which attracted me towards the product is the way of application. The revolutionary deep root comb helps oiling through root. Its International hair Institute certified brand also.

Kesh king is one of the most trusted and reputed brand. This brand is ruling the hair care market since years. They offer variety and high quality products. Kesh king hair fall oil comes with a revolutionary deep root comb which stimulates the roots for deeper oil penetration. It is 2 times more effective than other ayurvedic hair oils and thats clinically proven. Its ingredients consists of 21 precious ayurvedic herbs using time tested Tel Pak Vidhi as prescribed in the Vedas.

Along with Kesh king hair fall oil, i added Kesh king shampoo too to my routine hair care regime.

You wont believe, my problems for hair fall got resolved and i started seeing new hair growth.

Kesh King Shampoo gives smooth silky shiny soft hair and reduces hair fall too.

Its Ayurvedic, 100% safe to use and has no side effects.

It is safe to be used for post pregnancy and thats why i gave it a try and now its my favourite product for hairs. 

Kesh king hair fall oil helps in regrowth of hairs. It not only helps in protecting and nourishing the hairs but also prevents premature greying, dandruff, hairball, sleeplessness and headache. One of the best hair fall control oil ever.

For chronic hair problems, regular use of Kesh king Ayurvedic medicinal hair oil along with kesh king anti hair fall shampoo and capsules is advisable for at least thrice a week for 3 months of better results.

Kesh king hair oil will take good care of all your hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, rough hairs, split-tends etc. Its best ayurvedic oil for growing new hairs. It gives best results than other expensive hair oils available in market.

How to use the deep root comb applicator –

  • Remove the bottle cap.
  • Fit the deep root come to the bottle.
  • Gently squeeze the bottle to apply oil directly to the hair and scalp.
  • Stroke your scalp as if combing, allowing hair oil to spread evenly on your head.
  • Lastly, use your fingers to apply oil to the hair length.

Best part is kesh king hair oil is now our family favourite. Its the most trusted brand and our family special oil.

Kesh king is the only brand known to have “helpline for free consultation on hair problems – 18001035155”. The best ayurvedic gift, i can ever expect. , The website offers hair consultation to know body dosas and customised regime suggestions for solving hair related problems. Best hair fall control oil it is !!

Hairs need good nourishment and I trust Kesh King is the best product for all my hair problems. Huge, big and long hairs needs patience, dedication and utmost care – but the results are worth it!