Power of Working together

18th June 2020 By nehalroy

Showing off in public, how you treat your partner in a so nice way, is just a kind of decoration which we mostly observe in these modern days. Ask yourself, do you really do that when needed?

During this covid time, men started staying at home for whole 24 hours. They started watching their wife doing all household chores alone, taking care of kids, working from home, get their child ready to study from home, preparing food on time and the list of her work goes on and on and on!!

How many of those men really felt, that they should be a helping hand, when their wife is managing all these alone. 

Anyone here???

Yes, Touch wood ! I am that lucky lady. When my hubby saw me washing utensils, preparing food, doing laundry etc, came to me and asked that can we #ShareTheLoad from tomorrow onwards? I just grabbed the opportunity and said with a big smile on my face…. Why not from today darling?

He said, today he will be just checking me how i am doing all these stuffs alone and in a very quick way so that it would be easy for him to start from the next day. 

That was also okay for me… so I agreed!

Doing Laundry

Trust me, the next morning , before I was out of my bed, he started doing laundry. He kept all the clothes inside the washing machine, pour liquid and started ON. What a relief !!! When you see your husband helping you. Then after the other load he shared is watering plants daily and also taking good care of them. Each weekend he thoroughly checks every plant and do the needful. 

Watering Plants

By the time he is doing all these activities, ,my daughter came out of her bed and started thinking , whats going on Today… and asked – Mom, is that any special day today? Why dad is checking on laundry, Watering plants and helping in kitchen with other household chore? 

I just smiled.

My husband makes her understood with the reason so well. He said, Everyday is not the same. Right now we all are going through a very tough time. In this hard time (Covid), if we share each others load, it will help building stronger relationships between all of us. Everyone would be happy doing each tasks together and it will finish sooner. So that we all can sit together and enjoy beautiful moments. This shows how much we care for each other. 

My daughter is like….Daddy !! You are doing so perfect. But You are only helping Mom and not me…!! Can you please help me with my homework too, so that we can finish that together and then play!! LOLS…this kiddos!!

Daddy : Smart girl hmm. You have to finish your homework by own. Remembered what your mam said, “Parents plz don’t help children. Let them do by themselves 🙂 “.

Helping for Breakfast

Regardless of thinking you who can do what, regardless of any gender, try to learn everything, try to do everything and your child will also follow you on this.

Preparing Dinner

Sometimes during night, my husband founds raining outside, he doesn’t bother me at all. He go himself and check out if all the doors and windows are closed properly or not. Daily night, he hangs the bag for milk outside our gate, early morning, he takes the newspaper from balcony, Sometimes make morning Tea for me (am a big huge tea lover), Switch offs every lights when not needed, do dusting and cleaning on weekends, do laundry, playing with kid, learn preparing some dishes, appreciate me and my achievements, and everything which makes me happy and keeps me satisfied. What else we need!!!

Everyone reading here should understand that each work related to house is everyones responsibility who are staying inside there and not only of the females there. 

Marriage is not about doing household chores, it is about doing things and helping each other in each and every aspect.

Happy Family

I am grateful and blessed for whatever he is doing for me and our family. He actually Shares The Load as best as he can!

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I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and BlogAdda.