Remain Stress Free

5th April 2018 By nehalroy

    Do meditation daily. Practice Deep breathing.  Exercise daily. Have a habit of healthy eating. Chit chatting with someone close relieves away your stress sometimes. Massage your body to […]

Weight Loss

5th April 2018 By nehalroy

    Exercise regularly. Drink lots of fluids. Never drink water after your meals. Drink after half n hour.. Eat food slowly and chew properly.. Drink water before meals can […]


5th April 2018 By nehalroy

  Drink plenty of fluids, It helps prevent dehydration.  Have Oral Rehydration solution (ORS) You have to avoid the foods which are high in protein. Dress properly according to the […]

Skin – Home Remedies

3rd April 2018 By nehalroy

Apply buttermilk on your hands and skin and see the difference.  For removing dirt from your skin apply half a cup of oatmeal and mix it with pinch of turmeric […]