YAARA – Cheers for our friendship

10th July 2020 By nehalroy

To release on 30th July 2020, An action-thriller Directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia, starring Vidyut Jammwal, Amit Sadh, Vijay Verma, Kenny D Basumatary, Sanjay Mishra and Shruti Haasan. That’s a remake of the French film, A Gang Story. 

The film has been in the production for quite a long time and this news comes as a sigh of relief for the fans. 

This happens to be Shruti’s first film to be released on OTT platform, while second of Vidyut. 

As the name suggests, Yaara – means dost, yaar, friend !! Same is the scene here, the whole of Yaara revolves around four friends, their drama, their traces of rising and fall. Exactly what happens when friendship comes in the way of crime is shown here. Various other emotions related to friendship, family, honour and trust are all witnessed.

One of the most anticipated premieres on ZEE5, Yaara is an unforgettable story about real friendship. Check out the teaser to know more.

Its basically a story of four friends who have grown up together, set in UP. As they grow older, their jobs also get bigger and they always earned their money through some crimes or illegal jobs. They grew together to be gangsters. Their friendship still remains intact. A perfect mixture of actors who are doing an amazing job in this movie. Later on, the romance between Vidyut and Shruti is seen. Everyone has their different styles and great thoughts to share. Set in the backdrop of the Northern part of India, the whole narrative is wrapped in a perfect sheet of history. You can see how better your life would be if you have friends around.

There are always ups and downs in any relationship and the same thing is seen here too. Friends growing up together have so many memories and the journey of their friendship is shown here. The perfect bond between friends is seen so beautifully. An unforgettable story of friendship is viewable. 

Yaara is basically based on Chaukdi gang that was active during 1970 and majorly involved in robbery and smuggling. The Movie is Dawned in the backdrop of ‘90s where smuggling, hippie culture and rebellion was at its peak. The concept looks super interesting. 

 Book your dates on 16th July and witness it only on ZEE5

The whole movie, the four friends are seen in their amazing retro look with long hairs and super cool printed shirts and bell-bottoms. Very much unique and talented stars are doing a wonderful job till the end.

Anything is possible when you have great friends with you is seen in this movie. True friendship is seen where they built strong relationships and how they break rules, how their friendship still remains intact with so many ups and downs. Whether they all would be able to come out from this crime things or not, would be a secret to watch.

We are blessed to see this movie around Friendship day which will be a treat for all. 

Catch YAARA on ZEE5 platform !!

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Yaara is produced by Sunir Kheterpal from Azure Entertainment and directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia.

This ZEE5 original film will be a super fun package to watch on!