Movie review – Commando 3

24th March 2020 By nehalroy

A series every patriot must watch

Do you really enjoy watching patriotic movies?

Movie – Commando 3

Release date – 29 Nov

Directed by – Aditya Datt

Produced by – Vipul Amrutlal Shah

Starring – Vidyut Jammwal, Adah Sharma, Angira Dhar, Gulshan Devaiah

We usually love to watch the movies with patriotic effects at least once as they raise our inner love for country. And COMMANDO 3 is one of those movies where you can find fully loyal feel for nation. You can watch the same on streaming platform ZEE5 

Film review and Story 

For all those who are super duper fan of Action films, Commando 3 is specially for you. This is the third part of Commando series. The grand success of first 2 parts boosts the producer to think about the third one. A perfect Indian action thriller film directed by Aditya Dutt and produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Reliance Entertainment and Motion picture capital. 

The mission is huge and its game time! The first poster of Commando 3 is so much attractive, eye catching and amazing. The movie is based on the Mumbai terror attacks which were seen in Nov 2008. 

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How can we forget Vidyut Jammwal who has added powerful action moves to every scene. Hero making the huge entry when he watches the girl being harassed by a man, is making grand impact on everyone from the start of movie. He was called to help out the police but at that time one of the suspect kills himself. He was called for the mission to catch the terrorist in movie.

The enemies of our country are being bitted by Vidyut and then inturn they made our nation proud. As and when upon realising that massive terror attack is underway, the Indian air forces have decided to send their best commando to London to grab the mastermind. 

Gulshan Devaiah is seen playing a villain role as a terrorist named Buraq Ansari. He is specialised in brainwashing the youth.

Vidyut Jammwal as Commando Karanveer Singh Dogra deserves high score on every action moves with his best punches, kicks and back flips are super cool. Those amazing ladies Adah Sharma and Angira Dhar also gave powerful performance.

As the movie goes on, makers of the movie have made sure to show enough scenes which portraits good muslims. It also shows that the movie is not against any community or caste. Its only against the bad elements which are destroying our nation. 

Alongwith Vidyut Jammwal, Bhavana Reddy (Adah Sharma), encounter specialist cop, also accompanied to plan and find the root cause and catch the culprit for justice. For this particular mission, they got good support from British counterpart Angira Dhar (Mallika Sood) for this mission. We have already seen ‘Gulshan Devaiah’s impressive roles in past, but here he is quite okay in his character (Buraq Ansari). 

Eyes would be glued to the scenes as they get going with wonderful fights and different scenes. 

Sooner, its revealed that its Karan’s plan when he releases his video which shows he is challenging Buraq. While pursuing a suspect, Karan meets Zahira (Buraq’a ex-wife) and Abeer – who was forced to watch the murder of a man by Buraq and they want to report about the same to police. While on further checking Buraq’s DNA matched to the of the murders suspect, Karan and his team went to catch Buraq to his restaurant but he was not found. Later Karan holder a press conference with Abeer and Zahira from where Buraq came to know that he is exposed. He further planned and traps karan with evidences and get orders to leave London within 24 hours. Buraq plans and kills Zahira. Thinking that attack would not happen on Diwali but before that time, Karan decided to to go alone, but his team joined him. With the help of Abeer’s tablet, the safe house is located and attacked by Karan and team. All the henchmen were dead and Buraq was injected by Karan and got unconscious. Later Bhavana and Mallika rescued Abeer and Karan is also safely picked up. Karan and team tried to found the targeted cities. and somehow Karan realised that ALLAH might be the code used by Buraq , so he decoded the same and finds the tageted cities and soon releases a video to request everyone , specially muslims of India to understand the situation and not taking the thought other way round. Muslims understood the situation and helped to arrest those terrorists. Finally Karan kills Buraq. 

The whole story would hold you with a love for nation which is seen from the power packed performance of Vidyut Jammwar.


The first half of the story has more of action then latter. The second half has other twists and turns.

But overall, it shows a commando’s faithfulness, loyalty and thoughts to do anything and everything for nation is highly appreciable. Saving the country from terror attacks and given their best part is seen in the movie. 

It is the highest grossing film in the Commando franchise.

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