FITTRAT – I’M My Own Hero

4th June 2020 By nehalroy

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FITTRAT – the permanent/inherent nature of the thing or a person.

I am going to talk about an Indian Romantic drama web series which I am very much excited to share my views on!!

Yes, the web series produced by Ekta Kapoor for ALTBalaji, FITTRAT. First of all, I became a huge fan of the intro song, “Mann Muradein”.Beautifully sung and lovely lyrics. The whole part of the series will make

you feel a mix of all kinds of emotions, happy, sad and anxious all at once. There is love, revenge, planning, plotting, loyalty, betrayal, misunderstanding and what not but this is how it finally comes out as a perfect Great Indian Soap. It keeps everyone engaged throughout. There is so much happening and each level forces us to watch the same very keenly.


Gaurav Sareen (Aru K Verma) Tarini Bisht (Krystle D’Souza) Amrita Sareen (Anushka Ranjan) Mallika Kapoor (Priyanka Bhatia) Veer Shergill (Aditya Seal)

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The main player of the series Tarini Bisht already knew since her childhood what she wanted and planned accordingly. That’s why she always worked towards her goal. She graduated as gold medalist (Journalism) and decided to leave her house and dad (Alok – whom she addresses by name, and who pours loads of love on his only daughter). She wanted to trap a man with money (definitely her goal) and went to Delhi where her friend Amy (Amrita) is. This is how her journey began. She is a gold digger (with a heart of gold) and not ashamed of it. When she reached Delhi, Amy was not in town and she had to stay in a rented place.

Meanwhile, she got arrested from a local bar. Got a job with a newspaper company and then she was fired. Afterwards, she got released from lockup.

On returning home, she finds no water and no electricity. These demotivated her and held her back. She decided to go back to her father.

Suddenly the table turned. She got a call from Amy!! Wow, she got super happy and wanted to change the plan of going back home. Amy welcomed Tarini to her beautiful mansion ‘Sareen Mansion”.

They decided to go for a Bachelors party in Delhi. Tarini fell in love with a man She met at a party. And that man turns out to be Amy’s fiance (Veer). Veer gets continuously drawn towards Tarini but his father warns him to not to lose focus. Later also Veer continued to pursue Tarini even after she makes it clear that she is not interested in him. All happened when they were in a farmhouse during the weekend, Tarini, Amy, Mallika and Bunty. They all visited Veer’s farmhouse. Veer can’t get over Tarini, felt deeply in love with her and can’t stop dreaming about her. Tarini started spending time with Bunty, and that makes his fiance Mallika insecure.

And the news came that both of their engagements are preponed. Bunty’s mom decided to prepone.

Meanwhile, Bunty breaksups with Mallika. Amy’s mom started blaming Tarini for this breakup. She warns Amy that Tarini is just a gold digger who can next target Veer too. Veer also confesses to Tarini about his infatuation for her.

Tarini and Bunty agreed to get married. Veer also tries to get closer to Tarini and Tarini threatens him to reveal everything if he continues to pursue her. Amy started sensing that something is definitely going on between Tarini and Veer.

On one side, Veer apologised to Tarini and on the other side, he is getting close to her at their engagement party. Tarini feels that she should tell everything to Amy as this is the high time now. But it was painful and shocking when she saw Amy accusing her of betraying their friendship. When love gets complicated and friendship is lost, she picks her broken dreams and rises to be her own hero.

An amazing tale of love, hate and true friendship, Everything at the same time happening around makes everyone not to miss any single shot during the whole series. Many ups and down moments came in between Tarini and Veer.

Tarini then thought to wrap up her life in Delhi and move on. Veer goes ahead with his ambitious project.

Amy is excited about her wedding, but Veer is still stuck on Tarini from heart, thinking of her every time. Later Tarini met Veer and realised that his love for her was real.

At their wedding, Veer tells his father that he loves Tarini and not Amy. He then promised Tarini that he will be with her always.

A few weeks later, pure friendship was shown between the two, Tarini and Amy. They both love each other so much. Their pure BFF love is seen. As said in the series, Once upon a time se leke Happily Ever after tak… Their love is shown so deep. True love is friendship…shown so romantically, dramatically and in a super Indian way..!! Each actor is perfectly fit for their part. This made the whole series engaging and at the same time interesting too!

Last but not least, ALTBalaji and ZEE5 have mastered the art of delivering winning web series, just as they had done it aeons ago with the TV soap opera. 3.5/5 is the rating for FITTRAT.

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