3D Animated Series Specially For Kids – GG Bond

27th April 2020 By nehalroy

I know kids are so bored because of the current situation. As they are not allowed to step out of home, neither to school, nor to play. Getting themselves to play inside the home the whole day is a big task for parents too. How many activities can they ask a child to do.. That’s also a big question and as the days of lockdown are increasing, it is not like a huge dilemma, how to keep your kids engaged… Right ?

So, you have a great solution here!!!

ZEE5 has announced the launch of ZEE5 Kids, which is offering exclusively for children, providing more than 4000 hours of entertainment content. It is available totally free for users. ZEE5 kids also offers a library spread across multiple languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam and Bhojpuri.

ZEE5 kids content is a mix of acquired and exclusives by Onboarding leading production houses like Lions gate and Cosmos Maya.

In this collection available on ZEE5 Kids, there will be something for every kid, right from the action and adventure to drama, comedy, inspiration, mythology, superhero, DIY and fantasy.

A must watch series

GG Bond is a 3D animated TV series which has around 14 seasons. The whole story is about an intelligent, naughty and very mischievous pig named GG Bond; means ‘Pig Hero’. He is actually an orphan born with superpowers. He remains under the care of Dr. Mihoo who plays the role of his teacher. Dr. Mihoo loves inventing different gadgets. The stories in different seasons might not be directly related but they all are moving around the main character, GG Bond.

All the episodes are teaching so many lessons and values such as friendship, respect for elders, courage and integrity. A majority of episodes are comedy which attracts everyone to keep on watching.

GG Bond, the principal character of the series is a pig wearing a red suit. He is so enthusiastic and obsessed with lollipops. He always loves to help others.

Image Source: ZEE5

Characters here are –

  • GG Bond (Main Hero)
  • Phoebe (Female protagonist)
  • Bobby (Super G’s Sidekick)
  • S-Daddy
  • Dr. Mihoo (Teacher/ Inventor of GG Bond and his friends )

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5 Lessons your child can learn from their favourite characters 

Lessons learned from a few favourite characters are to always stay positive, keep focus trying again and again to reach goals.

  • From Tom & Jerry, we can learn life’s lesson about bullying. Just because you are small doesn’t mean that you are helpless.
  • How to face their fear is seen in the cartoon Scooby Doo. Children must learn the lesson from this that it is okay to be afraid,  but that fear should not stop them from doing the things they want.
  • From the transformers, children learn how success comes with the help of cooperation and teamwork.
  • The importance of family and to be loyal to each other every time is a great lesson learned from ‘The amazing world of Gumball’.
  • The importance of living a happy healthy life can be learned from SpongeBob Squarepants. How he lives a happy life and no problems can ever bring him down.

Likewise, it is seen that learning about certain legends such as Robin hood, Hatim, Christopher Columbus or epics such as Ramayan/Mahabharata etc are helping children know more about them and it is much needed. As we can see the lesson learned from the story of Ramayan is how loyal are everyone for their siblings and family.

Animated movies are a dynamic medium of entering into a different world full of imagination. It is the best way to live an enthusiastic journey. It also showcases how simple and straight things in life are so meaningful. It makes us value family and love.

With this amazing launch of ZEE5 Kids, ZEE5 is now the OTT destination for the entire family as parents can spend quality time with their children and ensure that their little ones are entertained as well as engaged. That’s the need of an hour in this lockdown time.